Available only for current customers in select areas. Please contact customer service for rates, service area eligibility, and schedules.


A bulk item is non-household waste that does not fit into the supplied trash container. This includes items such as bikes, furniture, appliances, mattresses, box springs, grills, rugs, etc. This does not include construction debris or items from a remodel.

Any appliances containing freon (fridges, freezers, AC units, etc.) must have the freon emptied and be tagged by a certified HVAC technician before removal. Removal of appliances containing freon is not available in Gwinnett County due to landfill restrictions. Please refer to our Pink Bag service for removal of waste from construction or remodeling projects.

Before you throw away a bulk item, consider if it is recyclable or can be donated. Please see our Neighbors Helping Neighbors program. Consider donating items you no longer use to someone in need.

Guidelines for Bulk Pickup

Bulk items must be called in and scheduled for pick up. Items not called in will be left at the curb. Please use discretion, as some bulk items may need to be broken down and bundled together for removal or may not be considered bulk items. Please call customer service for rates and availability.

Trash will not be collected. Extra items beyond what is scheduled will not be collected, and if the additional items are mixed into what is scheduled, all items will be left behind. Please tie or bind any lighter items, such as couch cushions, so they do not fly out of the truck.

We ask that the night before your bulk pickup, your items are left curbside in an open area clear of and far away from any objects such as:

  • Mailboxes and Hydrants
  • Vehicles
  • Cable and Power Boxes
  • Trees and Posts
  • Overhead Low Hanging Tree Limbs and Wires
  • Grass Areas/Lawns – We will not be responsible for damage to such areas.


Our bulk truck has a large claw that will pick up your bulk items and if the claw hits anything, it will damage it. If your bulk items are too close to anything the claw could damage during the removal, they will be left behind.

If you do not call in to cancel the bulk pickup, you will have to pay again for us to come back out.

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How customers rate their experience with us


From over 900 reviews, here are some favorites.

Bill Perdue
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Well, today, Marquis was gathering the garbage and allowed Mr Connor to ride in the neighborhood with him as he finished his route here. That was the most awesome Christmas gift he could’ve received. You have an excellent employee in Mr Marquis! God bless him and your company for hiring such a wonderful young man!
Sara Fonnett
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Great recycling program! Very transparent. Other trash companies cut back or stopped their recycling all together due to staffing shortages. Red oak pressed on and did wonderful with trash and recycling! The trash man always gives my son a friendly beep too 🙂
Kenneth Hopkins
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Spoke with a young lady regarding a bulk item pick-up, she was courteous, professional and patient, emailed me all necessary instructions for item removal.
Nate Claggett
Read More
Much cheaper than other options and easy to set up. Only have used their services for a couple weeks, but everything is as expected!
Doug George
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We have used Red Oak since 2009 and have been very pleased with the service. They have never missed a pickup without first providing advance notice (usually weather-related), and they have a very robust recycling program. We have recently disposed of some large items that they hauled away with no issue, after having provided them with prior notice. We have lived at this address since 2001, and they have been the best trash hauler we have used.
Daniel Stamps
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They run like clockwork - I've never been missed, and the pickup day/time is always the same. If there's a holiday or something that prevents them from running on the pickup day, they'll text/email you when the next one will be ahead of time (and it's always the next day). Super convenient. Never had a problem.
Jim W.
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Red Oak is reliable, professional, and courteous. They are great at sending out reminders regarding changes in their schedule due to holidays, and I have been completely happy with my switch to their service from a large, national service that repeatedly skipped pick-ups for my home.
Ashley Wood
Read More
We have been a customer for four years and so far we are very very pleased with our service. Red Oak is always great in leaving voicemails and or emails about holiday scheduling, when it affects our Tuesday morning pickups. Again very professional and, we have never had a problem and will continue to support Red Oak. Thank you again.